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Monday, July 12, 2010

well tat's how it goes

sorry, couldn't resist the play on words.  My car is sick.  Just about the time we are getting on top of bills and what not, my car died.  Needs $1000 work so back in the red again.  What's this got to do with tatting?  Well, we (my oldest daughter and I) were thinking of doing some hand dyed threads so that will have to wait, no capital to invest.  My kids (younger 3) are growing like weeds so they all need new soccer gear, cleats and shin guards, and will need longer jeans when school starts.  I hope to do some sewing for the girls - they will be willing to wear some skirts and dresses because I do sew well.  Its challenging because we have a dog that won't stay away from my stuff so I can only sew when he is outside or crated.  Too hot to be out too long.  I was buying crate for living room but $1000 car bill makes that hard.  The good news is I love tatting and am meeting a lot of very nice folks because of it.  I thought when we moved here it would be easy to make friends because I tend to talk to anyone who wants to listen but then it didn't happen the way I thought it would.  So my shuttle tatting is still an exercise in frustration but I am still learning.  My needle tatting continues to delight me and I'm working on things to sell this fall at crafts shows (hopefully make enough to give kids a great Christmas) but also want to work seasonally if I find a good boss. I'm also working on something special for my best friend back home.  I have made a lot of stuff over time but nothing has ever seemed special enough.  I have the center part of a necklace made that I think is special enough.  I need to design the rest and get it done.  Well tatters back to my kids and live!

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