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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

demo of tatting at my daughter Theresa's middle school - hopefully develop more students

this is a pattern I made up that was one of the pieces I had with me at the demo

this is one of my hand drawn cards with added tatted flowers and one little butterfly.
cards are one of my specialities

one of my little snowflakes (love colors)

I didn't have this with me so I took the photo with me.
this is the garter that I made for my daughter in law.

another one of my cards, this one includes dry embossing and stamping with the tatted flowers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

teaching in the Triad

Teaching tatting for free, you need to buy 2 shuttles or call me and you can buy them from me at class (cost $5.00)

See older posts for pictures of some of the things you can make.  Currently have a class going at Kernersville library but am available for other locations as well.

fair ribbons

photos not so good but tatting was.  fair ribbons Sept 2010.

more of momma's kids

my son, John, and my new daughter, Piroska, taken May 15, 2010

My oldest daughter, Paige, at age 19

My 10 year old Laura is the tall one by the goal.

the one in the yellow shirt and pink socks is my 11 year old daughter.

the little guy with his foot on the ball and dalmation socks is my 8 year old son. 

tatted garter

garter I tatted for my beautiful daughter in law Piroska