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Monday, July 5, 2010

I am so exited! I am learning to shuttle tat!!!

I can't believe it, one of my dreams is coming true.  Thanks to a very special woman named Sue who lives up in Stokes county.  She opens her home on some days to those of us who aspire to learn to tat.  A very special woman named Mary taught me to needle tat back in March 2009 and I love it and have taught others but when she was offering the shuttle class my kids were out of school for the summer and even if I had the money, I don't know who would babysit here.  My oldest daughter is one of the people I taught to needle tat and she is all over the web learning more and making connections.  She started participating in this thread exchange and I then started too.  One of the women told me about Sue and now I have made a butterfly and a flower using the shuttles.  They aren't even close to perfect but I know I'll get better.

So again yeah for shuttle tatting and really sweet people who share their artistic knowledge and talents with the rest of us.  And my daughter went and is learning shuttle tatting as well, she is so smart, her tatting is better than mine and I think she is amazingly talented.

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