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Friday, July 9, 2010

Thread Exchange

I've just gotten some of the prettiest hand dyed thread.  I had to set my current project aside ( a beautiful lacy lace bookmark) to start with the new thread.  I'm trying hard to finish a project before I move on so I don't have multiple projects in drawers.  I need to start working on things for shows this fall and when I create my own patterns as I go I have to carefully record what I have done so I can finish if I set aside.  I have things I made that I can't identify the "how to" of it all. 
Such as this which is not my craft business logo.  Deputy Crafts is the name of the business and I sell at craft shows and church bazaars.  I tried selling on ebay as a lark to lean how to post but only got one hit and thought they wanted me to sell off ebay so I didn't. 

and this one, no pattern.  It was when I was very new and didn't know I would want to recreate.  a lot of things I create from my mind got tossed.  this was one of the things I let my children take to a teacher during teacher appreciation week.

I love tatting! 

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